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Lost & Found Pet Form

  2. What is the Nature of Your Submission?*
  3. Type of Pet?*
  4. Indicate any specials markings (different colored eyes, an all white tail, etc.)
  5. If unknown, please give your best guess.
  6. Sex of Pet?
  7. Size of Pet?
  8. Does the pet have a collar and tags? What color and style? Does the pet appear friendly, injured, aggressive, dangerous? Is there more than one pet? Any other important information?
  9. Where was the pet last seen? Which street(s) was the pet lost or found on? Any other important information?
  10. Do You Have A Photo To Submit?
  11. If your pet is missing, photos will be very helpful for Animal Control.
  12. You may also report a Lost or Found Pet by calling the Animal Control Department at (210) 342-2341 x206.
  13. Thank you for helping to keep our resident pets safe and protected!
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