Animal Control


Animal Control Hours

The Animal Control Officer works in the field and does not have an office location. The officer can be reached by phone during business hours at (210) 293-9676, or by E-mail.

  • Monday – Thursday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

What Does Animal Control Do?

The City of Castle Hills employs one Animal Control Officer who has several responsibilities, including animal impoundment and adoption services, responding to calls about pets running loose (“animal at large”), responding to calls about injured or deceased wildlife, investigating and responding to calls about animal cruelty, responding to calls about dangerous animals, providing humane live animal trap assistance, and overseeing the daily operations of the on-site Animal Care Facility.

​Pet Owner Responsibilities 

  • Register your pet with a one time process for the life of your pet with Castle Hills.
  • Always make sure your pet is current with rabies vaccine each year. 
  • Have your pet restrained at all times at home with a fence or runner and while walking with a dog leash on city streets. 
  • Have your pet micro-chipped or tags on collar to contact you if your pet is picked up by Animal Control. ​

​Pet Owner Penalties 

  • Pet running at large involves impoundment with fees. 
  • Dog bites involve 10-day quarantine at owner's expense
  • Repeated offenders are summoned to court. 
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Animal Impoundment

When a pet is brought in by Animal Control for impoundment, the Animal Control Officer will check the pet thoroughly for an identification tag, a rabies tag, and/or a microchip. If any of these forms of identification are found, the officer will then contact either the owner or the veterinarian to make a positive identification on the pet. Once the pet is identified, the animal control officer will make arrangements for the owner to come in, provide the required paperwork, pay the impoundment fees, and reclaim the pet.

If an impounded animal does not have tags or a microchip, the pet will be placed on a required (by city ordinance) minimum 72 hour hold, during which time an ongoing effort will be made to locate the owner. If the owner cannot be located after 72 hours, the pet becomes the property of the city. Once the pet has passed the required hold period, the animal control officer will begin making contact with breed rescue agencies or individuals to make adoption preparations. Once adoption preparations are complete, the pet will be adopted out to a new home.


Owner Surrender

The Animal Control department cannot accept owner surrendered pets. 

Endangered Wildlife

If you encounter injured wildlife, such as a raccoon that has been hit by a car, or a deer with it's antlers entangled in a chain link fence, immediately contact dispatch for assistance at (210) 342-2341. 

Wildlife Capture and Removal

The City of Castle Hills does not provide Animal Control services for wildlife issues on residential or commercial properties. If you are having a problem with wildlife nuisance animals, such as raccoon, possum, or feral cats, you can remove them humanely using Havahart® live animal traps. If you do not own a trap, the city offers trap rental for a nominal fee. Click the "Animal Traps" tab for full details on trap rental. If you have wildlife or insect issues inside of your home (such as a raccoon in the attic, or a bee nest in the eaves) contact a pest control company for assistance.

Animal Care Facility (Kennel)

When pets are impounded by Animal Control, they are housed in the animal care facility. The animal care facility is a small kennel that can hold up to 4 domestic animals. The kennel runs are cleaned and the pets are fed and walked 2 times per day. The pets may be bathed, and when necessary, medication may be administered upon the advice of a veterinarian. The animal care facility has air conditioning and heating to keep the pets comfortable during their stay. (Due to safety precautions the facility is not open to the public.)

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