Animal Control wants to reunite these found pets with their families. If your pet is missing, please check the images here. If you see your pet in our lineup, call Animal Control right away to make arrangements to pick up your pet. Call Animal Control (210) 342-2341 ext 206.
Be aware that there are fees associated with reclaiming a pet. You must make an appointment with the Animal Control Officer to provide the proper paperwork and pay the fees associated with claiming your pet. Pet fees are not negotiable. Animal Control must follow specific protocol in order to maintain an operating license through the state of Texas. Do not show up at the shelter without an appointment hoping to be reunited with your pet.
If you recognize a pet belonging to a friend or neighbor, please contact Animal Control to share any information that may lead to reuniting the pet and owner.

Can You Help These Pets Get Back Home?


Schnauzer Puppy_12.9.15


Black Lab Female

BULL TERRIER - rescued!

Bull Terrier Mix rescued banner 12.07.15

TAN CHIHUAHUA - rescued!

Chihuahua rescued

PUG MIX - rescued!

PUG rescued banner
Animal Control will make every effort to post current images of the lost pets that come through the Castle Hills Animal Shelter, but does not guarantee that all pets will be shown. Be sure to call Animal Control to ask about your pet, as we may not have had the opportunity to post a new image. Animal Control Officer (210) 342-2341 x206.