Create Castle Hills - Comprehensive Plan

The City of Castle Hills, on the occasion of its 70th anniversary in 2021, is undertaking a remake of its Comprehensive Plan. Known as "Create Castle - Determining our Future Excellence," the new plan will replace the most recent Comprehensive Plan completed in 1997.

Under the direction of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC), and with funding approved by City Council, the effort is expected to be completed in the latter part of 2021. Create Castle Hills' efforts will be guided by CPAC's Mission Statement:  "The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee is to, with input from Castle Hills citizens, businesses, City Staff and Council, produce a roadmap for economic development and the care, maintenance and growth of our City's infrastructure, facilities, green spaces and services for the future." 

Major tasks for the effort include the Citizen and Business Survey (completed in February 2021), a Speaker Forum scheduled for late August 2021, a series of Ideas Workshops scheduled for September and October of 2021, and Document Production scheduled for completion in December 2021. Specifics of these are found nearby on this website.

One of the major goals of the plan is to work with City Staff in taking Plan recommendations and developing a Capital Improvement Plan. This should take place in early 2022. 

Other goals include:

  • The Plan will be Citizen-focused
  • It will make use of previous studies/plans
  • It will be mostly an in-house effort
  • It will result in a Capital Improvement Plan
  • It will feature an attractive, readable document
  • It will work toward a Vision for Castle Hills

CPAC is counting on citizen and business participation in the effort, and invites all to keep an eye on their mailbox, email inbox as well as this website for the latest on event schedules. For more information or to offer to help with the effort, please email Jack Joyce at or Amy McLin at