Speakers Forum

The speaker forum serves as a prelude to the interactive workshops, with the purpose of hearing from subject-matter experts on topics important to future planning. It also gives citizens the opportunity to dialogue with these experts. 

Topics include Comprehensive Planning – What it is and How it Helps Cities; Green Space Opportunities; Crime Prevention; Transportation; Residential Real Estate Opportunities, Commercial Real Estate Observations and Opportunities; Live/Work Spaces; Economic Development; Aging in Place; and a Summary of the Survey Results. 

The forum is organized to allow as many to attend as possible and will be held in the City Hall on the evenings of August 24 and 26, and all day Saturday August 28. Please see the attached document for the specific schedule with speakers and times. Refreshments will be served.

Check out our flyer here for more information!

Speakers Forum Presentations

Please note: All videos of presentations are in the 'City Meeting Videos' tab located on the bottom of the landing page of the website.

Castle Hills Comprehensive Planning: What is it? Why we do it? How is it Achieved?

Summary of the Survey Results 

Zoning for City of Castle Hills

Live/Work/Play Spaces: What are they and would they make sense for Castle Hills?

Economic Development: What it is and how it could help Castle Hills?

Economic Development Suggestions for Castle Hills

Green Space Opportunities In Castle Hills

Sustainability In Castle Hills

Education: How are our schools doing and what does the future hold for them?

Crime Prevention In Castle Hills

Aging In Place: Ideas to make Senior Living less difficult

Transportation: Vehicles and Pedestrians

How can ActivateSA support Castle Hills?