Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC)

CPAC consists of the following members:

  • Amy McLin, Chair
  • Maretta Scott, Vice-Chair
  • Barry Middleman
  • Agdel Rivera
  • Bruce Smiley-Kaliff
  • Stacia Spridgen
  • Skip McCormick, Parks and Projects Liaison
  • Ray Schultz, Parks and Projects Liaison
  • Jack Joyce, City Council Liaison

CPAC is very grateful to the numerous volunteers who helped with many aspects of the Plan:

  • Yvette Ramirez
  • Mario Mijangos
  • John Kobert

Contact Information

CPAC welcomes comments, questions and suggestions. Please address these to Amy McLin at and/or Jack Joyce at Please use the boxes below or send from your own email address.