Compliance Dismissal

The following can be requested for administrative dismissal if the defendant takes care of the offense in a timely manner:
  • Defective Equipment - Requires proof of new motor vehicle inspection by deadline and a $10 fee
  • Expired Driver’s License - Requires proof of license renewal by deadline and a $20 fee
  • Expired Vehicle Registration - If expired less than 60 days, requires proof of registration renewal (including late registration penalty fee) by deadline and a $20 fee
  • Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility (Insurance) - Citations for no proof of insurance will be dismissed at no charge upon presentation to the Court of proof that the driver or vehicle (if you had the owner's permission to drive their vehicle) was covered by a valid liability insurance policy at the time cited. The Court will verify insurance coverage was in place. 
  • Fail to Report Change of Name/Address - Requires proof that the driver’s license was updated by the deadline and a $20 fee