Payment of Fine and Costs

Payment of a fine constitutes a plea of no contest and waiver of jury trial and will result in a conviction for the offenses charged. For that reason, until a plea has been entered or a judgment rendered, only the defendant or their attorney may present payment to the court.

Partial Schedule of Fines

Attached is Municipal Court fee schedule.

Time to Pay

Fine and costs are expected to be paid at the time of judgment. However, the Court may grant you additional time to pay the amounts due. You may appear in person to make that request or you can use the Time Payment Request Form to make your request by mailing your request to the municipal court or by emailing a scanned copy of the Time Payment Request Form to on or before your scheduled appearance date. Castle Hills Municipal Court, 209 Lemonwood Dr. Castle Hills, TX, 78213.

Payment Methods

  • Acceptable methods of payment include:
  • Cash
  • Check (except for cases in warrant status)
  • Credit Card (5% service fees will be added to the amount being paid)
  • Money order
  • Online (service fees will be added to the amount being paid)