Information on Appearing in Court

Appearances & Responses

The defendant (or their attorney) may appear in person or respond by mail. Telephone appearances are NOT permitted.

Submitting Payments

A drop box is available in the City Hall lobby to submit payments 24 hours a day. Payments dropped off before 8:00 a.m. will be considered as received on the previous business day.

Requests Allowed

Please contact Castle Hills Municipal Court at for more information regarding submission of requests.
At their 1st appearance, a defendant (or their attorney) may request the following:
  1. Acquittal of Insurance Offense
  2. Administrative Dismissal
  3. Driving Safety Dismissal
  4. Deferred Disposition
  5. Payment Of Fine and Costs
  6. Reschedule Appearance
Acquittal of insurance related offenses may be requested with proof of valid insurance card for the vehicle being driven and indicating coverage for the vehicle being driven. Clerks are required to verify active coverage through the insurance company prior to preparing any dismissal paperwork.