What does the Code Compliance office oversee?
Code enforcement oversees: compliance with city ordinances, nuisance violations, residential and commercial building permits, peddlers and solicitors, and zoning issues.

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1. What does the Code Compliance office oversee?
2. How do I get a copy of a City Ordinance?
3. Who is responsible for the maintenance of my trees growing into the overhead utility lines?
4. How much brush can I set out?
5. How many bags of leaves can I set out?
6. How many signs can I set out for a garage sale?
7. What if I am in the process of coming into compliance but will miss the Comply-By-Date?
8. Why did I get a Municipal Court Summons for a Code Violations?
9. As a residential property owner, I am going to cut my own tree branches. Do I need a permit?
10. As a business owner, how many ground signs/banners can I have?