Permit Fees

Please note that if a permit is not obtained prior to work/event/registration, the fee will be doubled.

Debt Owed to City

Any person, business, corporation, partnership owing a debt to the city, including, but not limited to abatement fees, delinquent property taxes, liens, re-inspection fees, garbage fees, stormwater development fees, and monthly stormwater fees, shall not be issued any license or permit and may not be appointed to any board, commission, or committee.

Project Valuation
Project Valuation is based on fair market value of the project including labor and materials. You may be required to provide contractor estimates to determine the fair market value.

Engineering Fees
Engineering Plan Review and Inspections are billed to the permit applicant at actual cost accrued.

Fees Table
  1. Animal Fees
  2. Building Related Fees
  3. Building Permit Fees
  4. Food License Fees
  5.  Signs and Banner Fees
  6. Public Hearing Fees
  7. Other Fees
City Fee
Animal Registration
Replacement Tag
Impoundment Fee
Boarding Fee (Per Day)
Set by Animal Control