Boards, Commissions & Committees


The City Council of Castle Hills has established Boards, Commissions, and Committees comprised of city residents willing to volunteer and get involved in their city. If you are interested in serving our city, please contact the City Manager at 210-342-2341.
  1. Architectural Review Committee

    The Castle Hills Architectural Review Committee assures high standards for aesthetic quality of development and/or redevelopment in commercial and multi-family housing areas of the city.

  2. Board of Adjustment

    The Castle Hills Board of Adjustment hears and decides appeals or modifications to the code of ordinances.

  3. Zoning Commission

    The Castle Hills Zoning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council to protect and preserve places, and areas of historical, cultural, or architectural importance and significance and uphold the zoning code of ordinances.

  4. Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD)

    The Castle Hills Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD), established in 2004, is managed by seven members appointed by the City Council. The board supports the police department's need for technology upgrades and maintenance, vehicles, the purchase of specialized weapons, staff training and the Annual National Night Out event. The District is funded by a 1/4 cent sales tax.